I haven't been around much. My PC is dead and I haven't had much time on my hands anyway, so I've had a bit of an enforced break from livejournal. I'm still reading peoples' journals occasionally and even visiting a few of my communities, but if there's something you need me to know it might be worth emailing or texting me instead of posting it here, as I'll probably miss it!

Normal service will be resumed shortly, probably after the weekend as I've left all my preparation work for my course hideously late again!

Law school, work and live in general

It has, once again, been ages since I last updated. I've been reading everyones entries with interest (because I'm nosy like that), but for some reason every time I go to write an entry I realise there's something urgent I've forgotten about that requires my immediate attention.

This week it's been the iForum for my law course. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the first weekend as much as I did. I worried for days beforehand that it would be taught with long boring lectures, with scary lawyer types picking on people at random t answer questions. I was afraid that the entire group would comprise of obnoxious type a personalities and I'd loathe everyone. As it turns out, the day comprised mostly of group exercises, and everyone was great! It's highly unlike me to go out for dinner with a bunch of people I've only met that day, but I had a really nice evening on the Saturday and I don't think I've instantly "clicked" with people quite that well in years. I almost wish we were all doing the full-time course so that we'd have more opportunities to socialise!

At work however, it's a different story. I returned to the news that the day and a half I booked off either side of my course was unpaid, since I'd already taken all of my holiday. It turns out that they never changed my hours back to full-time (admittedly, I should have been more vigilant about this one) and apparently we're not allowed to earn holiday on any hours worked outside of our contracted hours. Since overtime starts at 38 hours in a week (or something like that), Carl (another ex-student now working full-time) and I are being ripped off.

I now officially hate this company, even more than I already did. I am in the process of applying for multiple jobs, in the hope that I can leave asap. I'm fed up of it all now, I'm paid a fucking pittance to be treated like shit, go home feeling miserable every bloody evening and then can barely afford to go out and forget about how crap work is because I'm not paid enough to have a social life. The back-up plan is that if I do end up stuck here next year, I'm going to use as much of my holiday as I can work-shadowing at solicitors offices. If I can get a few weeks of that on my CV it may get me a job related to my course.

I am far too good for this crap. Every day I regret staying in Loughborough instead of moving somewhere I can actually build a career. If the current financial climate has improved enough by the time I'm due to start my LPC, (2 years, so it better have done!) I'm moving to Birmingham. Even if I have to get a loan to do so.
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Argh! It burns!

Well, actually it doesn't. For once, I've managed to spend a day in the sun and not turn into a pork scratching, and I only had factor 20 on! I spent the day in Birmingham, being reassured that I'm not doomed to be unemployed forever, and in fact, am not behind others doing the GDL this year. law school waffleCollapse )

It's been SO hot today! Deciding to walk back from the law college to New Street wasn't a great idea, I've drunk about twice my weight in water today and I still feel dehydrated!

On said walk, I discovered a missed call from the lettings agency and guess what? We've been let down on yet ANOTHER house. We now have less than 2 weeks to find somewhere to live. Thankfully, there are some ideas floating around, a couple of places that look interesting and a viewing booked for Wednesday (though I'm going to have to run for a taxi straight after my exam). The place looks nice, so I'm hopeful, though whilst the boys appear to be pinning all our hopes on the one property, I'm formulating a backup plan.

This, as I'm sure you can imagine, stressed me out somewhat, especially since my so called "smart" phone seems incapable of connecting to Hotmail so I couldn't find out what the guys had sorted out. (I asked Nicola, the letting agent, to email Joe since I couldn't do anything about it there and then). Consequentally, I bought 5 large cookies and ate them on the train.

I have decided I very much would not mind living in Birmingham. Though it was frustrating not being able to shop, due to the impending house move.
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Friends Only

It has come to my attention that someone has my password and, probably a long while back, used it to edit a friends only post so that it sounded malicious, and made it public. Slightly ironic then, that it has been found much later and is only now causing me no end of problems.

My password has been changed, as have my security settings, and I am also requesting that ljfind remove me from their indexing, which apparently they will do now that I've changed my settings and posted a public entry.

I'll delete this and post one of those friends only banner images that everyone has, but I don't have time at the moment. In the meantime, please "comment to be added".
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